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Traditional Australian Folk Music.



  1. Loaded Dog have a new album! Hair of the Dog.

  1. Courtesy of Murray Jennings, two songs from the Loaded Dog album “That There Dog O’ Mine” currently feature on the Indian Pacific - The railway which links east and west Australia.

  1. Loaded Dog have released 4 albums over the last 6 years. Some of Australia’s best stories and tales have been captured and preserved in song by one of the only TRUE Australian folk groups.

The 4 albums show case some eclectic original songs as well as versions of traditional folk stories by Henry Lawson, Banjo Paterson and others - put to authentic Australian bush tunes.

All these four albums can be bought online here...

Loaded Dog are a Western Australian based group of musicians, playing contemporary and traditional Australian folk music.  The group takes its name from Henry Lawson’s famous story “Loaded Dog” – which details the carnage inflicted when the fuse on a stick of dynamite is dragged through a smouldering fire by a playful pup.  Likewise “Loaded Dog” the group has inflicted musical carnage on the Australian folk music scene.  Whilst much of their impact has been in “The West”, their infamy has spread to the Eastern States through release of CD’s and visits to interstate music festivals.  As the following tributes attest, they are now regarded as one of the best exponents of traditional Australian folk music:

Loaded Dog: . . . their music always speaks with an Australian voice, clearly describing the Australian experience . . .” Bruce Cameron, host of "Come All Ye" on 2MCE-FM since 1976 - the longest running folk/acoustic/roots program on Australian radio.

“Loaded Dog: . . . vital, fresh and unaffected Australian folk music with a strong cultural identity, a deep awareness of our social and environmental history and a natural sense of ownership of the style and material . . .” Chloe and Jason Roweth - leading exponents of Australian traditional folk music.